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Natasha Monique Coleman

Highly Skilled Inspirational Speaker And Subject Matter Expert of Total Health, Beauty and Ambition

Natasha Monique Coleman is a Florida native, wife and mother of 3.  She made a life changing choice to take control of her health in 2010. At that time she was 468 lbs. and size 36. After a humiliating incident on a plane and not being able to fit into the plane seat for a company trip, Natasha knew she had to do something about her weight and follow the doctors’ warnings to lose weight as soon as possible. After doing some research and looking for someone who she could relate to that would motivate her to take control of her health, she found out that she has a very unhealthy relationship with food. So it was mandatory for her to totally transform her relationship with food and removing several toxic foods from her diet such as processed sugar, fried foods and carbonated sugary drinks. Natasha has lost over 200 lbs. in 3 years at the start of her wellness makeover she incorporated at least 45 minutes of physical activity such as walking, stair climbing or dancing.  During the time of changing her lifestyle change, Natasha was employed to a regional cable company and stayed very active in her community.  Around April 2013, several ladies in the community started to notice Natasha’s weight loss and inquired from her of how she was able to lose her weight.  After being contacted by several ladies, Natasha chose to start mentoring local groups of wives and working mothers to be a part her group to encourage healthy choices they came up with the name Fit Club.  Natasha used this group to directly inspire, motivate and encourage them towards a healthier lifestyle and bring the focus of taking care of themselves back to the forefront.  After meeting with the ladies a few months Natasha was introduced to the National Diabetes Prevention Program and encouraged her group to join. The National Diabetes Prevention Program is a yearlong program that encourages participates at risk for Type 2 Diabetes to lose at least 7% of their weight in the first 16 weeks, and to get their physical activity minutes up to 150 minutes per week. The ladies of the Fit Club group lost 248 lbs. during that time.

In April 2013, Natasha was contacted by the Steve Harvey Show and was invited to go to Chicago to speak about her contribution to her community and about her youngest son being bullied for her weight.  During the show, Steve Harvey awarded Natasha with a 5 days and 4 nights trip to Las Vegas as a token of gratitude for inspiring others toward a healthy lifestyle. That national public appearance was one of the starting points to Natasha setting the stage for her national Total Health platform. Natasha chose to follow her dream and leave her corporate job with the cable company, to pursue her passion and start her career in Public Health to became a Senior Health Educator and Master Trainer Select/Lifestyle Coach with the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Immediately after accepting that position, Natasha was contacted by history making actor and New York Best Selling author Marlo Thomas, about a new book she was writing about inspirational women across the United States. The name of the book is called  “It Ain’t Over … ‘TiIl it’s Over”. This book is about 60 women over the age of 35 who have reinvented their lives after making changes that were considered late for this particular time in their life.  Marlo went on the road for a book signing road tour and invited Natasha to join her on the Katie Couric Show in New York in the ABC Studios.

Since the T.V appearances, Natasha has been contacted by several national printed magazines to speak about her inspirational lifestyle changes with weight loss and diabetes prevention. Magazines includes: Essence, Prevention Magazine, Dr. Oz The Good Life, Family Circle, Women’s World, First For Women.

Natasha currently spends her time as a Lifestyle Coach Trainer to facilitate the National Diabetes Prevention Program and speaking publicly to empower people that consistency is necessary to be successful for any long term goal.

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